Virgin River Quiz: Which Virgin River Character Are You?

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Virgin River Quiz: Which Virgin River Character Are You?

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Based on Robyn Carr’s book series, Virgin River is a romantic TV series. The show stars Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda “Mel” Monroe. She’s a nurse practitioner who moves to the remote town of Virgin River, California for a fresh start. If you’ve been into the romantic drama that is Virgin River, then it’s time to see which character from the show reflects your personality the most.
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Are you someone who cares about people like Mel? Are you charming and mysterious like Jack? Loyal and supportive like Ricky? Or wise and clever like Muriel? Answer these questions with honesty. It’ll help determine whether or not you’re more like Jack Sheridan, Ricky, Lizzie, or Muriel.

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How would you describe your fashion sense?
What's your favorite way to unwind?
What's your view on love and romance?
What's your approach to relationships?
What's your guilty pleasure?
What's your dream job?
How do you handle grief and loss?
What's your role in your group of friends?
What's your go-to comfort food?
What's your relationship with the small-town community like?
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