Walter Dandy Trivia Quiz: A Founding Father of Neurosurgery

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Walter Dandy Quiz: How well do you know Walter Dandy?

Walter Dandy was an American neurosurgeon who pioneered techniques for treating brain tumors and hydrocephalus (excessive cerebrospinal fluid in the brain). He also developed the technique of ventriculography, which involves injecting a contrast dye into the brain to identify tumors and other abnormalities.

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What is Dandy credited with inventing?
What did Dandy and Blackfan find caused the accumulation of cerebral spinal fluid in the brain?
What did Dandy discover about the circulation of cerebral spinal fluid in the brain?
Where was Dandy born?
How many operations per year did Dandy perform during his peak years?
Who is considered one of the founding fathers of neurosurgery?
Who did Dandy collaborate with to discover the cause of hydrocephalus?
What did Dandy study in the Hunterian laboratory at Johns Hopkins?
Which disease did Dandy and Blackfan describe the clinical features of?
Which medical school did Dandy attend?

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