Walter Lippmann Trivia Quiz: An American writer

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Walter Lippmann was an American writer, reporter, and political commentator known for coining the term "stereotype," introducing the concept of the Cold War, and critiquing media and democracy. He played a notable role in Woodrow Wilson's post-World War I board of inquiry and won two Pulitzer Prizes. Lippmann attended the Sachs School for Boys and Harvard University, where he studied philosophy and languages. He was a member of the New York Socialist Party and served as secretary to George R. Lunn.

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Lippmann's views on the role of journalism in democracy were contrasted with whom?

  • George Santayana

  • William James

  • Graham Wallas

  • John Dewey

Lippmann introduced which concept?

  • Civil rights

  • The Great Depression

  • The Cold War

  • The American Revolution

In what role did Lippmann serve under George R. Lunn?

  • Secretary

  • Mayor

  • Advisor

  • Spokesperson

In what role did Lippmann serve in Woodrow Wilson's post-World War I board of inquiry?

  • Secretary

  • Research Director

  • Advisor

  • Spokesperson

Walter Lippmann was born on New York's _______.

  • UK

  • USA

  • Canada

  • China

Lippmann won two Pulitzer Prizes for which of the following?

  • His 1922 book "Public Opinion"

  • His syndicated newspaper column "Today and Tomorrow"

  • His 1961 interview of Nikita Khrushchev

  • All of the above

Lippmann's family had which political orientation?

  • Democratic

  • Republican

  • Socialist

  • Libertarian

Lippmann attended which private school?

  • Phillips Exeter Academy

  • Andover Academy

  • Sachs Collegiate Institute

  • Choate Rosemary Hall

Lippmann coined the term "stereotype" in which context?

  • Modern psychological meaning

  • Political discourse

  • Historical analysis

  • Artistic critique

Lippmann was emotionally closer to which family member?

  • His father

  • His mother

  • His maternal grandmother

  • His paternal grandfather


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