Which Wednesday Character Are You? - Wednesday Quiz

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Which Wednesday Character Are You? - Wednesday Quiz

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Ever craved a taste of nightshade and a dash of darkness? Then step into our chilling Wednesday Quiz and discover which character mirrors your inner ghoul! 
Are you the queen of the macabre like Wednesday, weaving spells of sarcasm and snapping necks with equal ease? Or perhaps you're the charmingly chaotic Enid, a ray of sunshine amidst the gloom, ready to defend your friends with claws and compassion? Maybe you're the cunning strategist like Bianca, navigating social webs with a viper's grace, or the brooding poet like Xavier, painting secrets onto the canvas of the night. 
No matter your darkness, this quiz will dredge it up and reveal your true Wednesday persona! So, grab your spider, click the link, and let the Addams Family spirit guide you! Remember, in the world of Wednesday, there's no wrong shade of spooky. Embrace your inner outcast and unleash your legend!

What's your approach to solving a local murder mystery?

What's your attitude towards school authorities?

How would you describe your relationship with your family?

How would you react to being expelled from school?

How do you connect with classmates at a new school?

What's your favorite aspect of the new school, Nevermore Academy?

What's your preferred method of dealing with bullies?

How would you describe your personality at school?

How do you handle challenges in a new environment?

What would you do if you discovered psychic abilities?

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