What Male Personality Are You?- Alpha, Beta, Or Gamma Male Quiz

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Let's Start this Quiz

Are you the kind of person who is aggressive or dominant and acts like an alpha male? Alternatively, maybe you are more into working together and just making nice thereby being considered as a typical beta male. You may also have the knack for changing course abruptly since it is common for one to associate this attribute with being a gamma male. 
So let’s start answering some simple questions in order to determine your main features as well as figure out how they help you in dealing with different situations around yourself. Play our quiz now.

What is your opinion of taking risks?

  • Deliberate on the benefits and drawbacks cautiously first.

  • Willingly accept it

  • Prefer to be on the safe side

  • Open to measured chances

What role does emotion play in your decision making?

  • They matter although they should not obstruct objectivity,

  • Think about them together with logic

  • Try to put these aside

  • Embrace them

How do you handle success?

  • Acknowledge other people for their contribution and thanks them.

  • Uncomfortable with attention and accolades.

  • Keep modesty under all circumstances.

  • Celebrate while aspiring for more accomplishments

How do you perceive competition?

  • Consider it a means of growth and cooperation

  • Love it and give in everything

  • Run away from it if possible

  • Participate but don’t be intent on winning.

How do you settle conflicts?

  • Compromise and bring about reconciliation.

  • Deal with them directly.

  • Avoid them as much as possible.

  • Think through before you act.

Your leadership style, approach or philosophy is?

  • Self-confident and aggressive

  • Cooperative and discreet

  • Variable and adaptable

  • Quiet and deep thinking

How do you handle challenges?

  • Ask for support from others

  • Get puzzled and uncertain

  • Handle them with caution and method

  • Approach them head on with confidence and perseverance.

What is your strategy on relationships?

  • Take control and lead

  • Share duties equally

  • Prefer to follow instead of leading

  • Value freedom and personal space

Which male archetype is typically associated with assertiveness and leadership qualities?

  • Alpha

  • Beta

  • Gamma

  • Delta

What is your communication style?

  • Simple and authoritative

  • Understanding and empathic

  • Relaxed and casual

  • Reflective and well-spoken


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