Which A Shop For Killers Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which A Shop For Killers Character Are You? - Quiz

The action thriller from the K-drama-verse is on our screens.Show More

This drama is based on a book and tells the story of a young girl who inherits a dangerous shopping mall from her uncle. After his death, Jung Ji-an suddenly becomes the target of snipers and assassins which makes her realise her uncle’s shop wasn’t just an ordinary one. As she struggles to survive, she begins to recall the training and advice her uncle left her. Kim Hye-jun and Lee Dong-wook play the leading roles of niece and uncle in this show. They are joined by Park Ji-bin, Seo Hyun-woo, Geum Hye-na and others.
What A Shop For Killers Character Are You?
Do you battle for atonement, control the shadows, or pursue your own escape? Now go ahead and find your inner killer by taking the quiz!

When it comes to conflict resolution, what's your approach?

What do you do when your team betrays you?

How do you handle pressure in high-stakes situations?

How do you handle things after a successful mission?

How do you establish trust with your associates?

What weapon would you prefer in a life-or-death situation?

How do you like to gather information secretly?

What drives you in your job?

In a dangerous mission, what's your preferred mode of transportation?

What role do relationships play in your line of work?

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