Which A Sign of Affection Character Are You? - A Sign of Affection Quiz

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Which A Sign of Affection Character Are You? - A Sign of Affection Quiz

"A Sign of Affection" follows the heartwarming journey of Yuki, a hearing-impaired college student, as she navigates love and friendship. Show More

The manga beautifully explores the nuances of communication, overcoming barriers, and the universal language of emotions.
What Character From A Sign of Affection Are You?
Discover your inner self through "A Sign of Affection" characters. Are you the resilient Yuki, the adventurous Itsuomi, the enigmatic Oshi Ashioki, or the charismatic Kyoya Nagi? Uncover the traits that resonate with you, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

How Do You Navigate the Boundaries Between Social Classes?

How Do You Approach Building and Nurturing Friendships?

How Do You Handle Challenges and Adversity in Life?

What is Your Approach to Balancing Friendship and Professionalism?

What Motivates You to Bring Joy and Laughter to Others?

What Quality Do You Value Most in a Friendship?

How Do You Navigate Personal Relationships and Boundaries?

What Drives You to Help Others in Difficult Situations?

What is Your Preferred Approach to Resolving Conflicts?

How Do You Handle Personal Growth and Change?

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