Which Analog Squad Character Are You?- Analog Squad Quiz

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Which Analog Squad Character Are You?- Analog Squad Quiz

Take this Most Popular Analog Squad Quiz to see which iconic character from Tv Series Analog Squad Are You?

Analog Squad is a thrilling Japanese drama. The story revolves around Pond, a middle-aged man who recruits many people to establish a makeshift for his family with them at his estranged father's deathbed to make his dad proud one last time.Show More

Pond ropes in former girlfriend Lily to act as his wife and mother to his fake children, Keg, a playful teenage employee at a pager company, and Bung, a tomboyish girl who owns a video rental shop. Along the way, the four learn what it means to be a family while pretending to be one.
Which Analog Squad Character Are You?
Do you want to know which type of character you are influenced by in the Analog Squad TV series? Our quiz series covers practical and life-changing situations that help you know about the character of the Analog Squad TV series. Let’s play the quizzes and get your character results:

What's your preferred way to create lasting family memories?

How do you typically spend quality time with your family?

How would you describe your mood during family gatherings or celebrations?

When faced with important life decisions, what role does your family play?

What's your approach to introducing a significant other to your family?

How do you support family members during challenging times?

How do you celebrate milestone events or achievements within your family?

In times of stress, how do you seek support from your family?

How do you balance personal and family life in your daily routine?

What's your approach to handling conflicts within your family?

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