Which Avengers Assemble Character Are You? - Avengers Assemble Quiz

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Which Avengers Assemble Character Are You? - Avengers Assemble Quiz

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"Avengers Assemble" unites Earth's mightiest heroes—Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Loki—to combat threats beyond any one individual's power. Through teamwork, they confront Loki and his alien army, defending Earth in a climactic battle. 
Despite their differences, they discover unity in diversity, forging friendships and forming the legendary team known as the Avengers. Their triumph inspires hope and lays the foundation for future alliances in the ongoing struggle to protect the world.

You witness the Avengers' sacrifices as a team. What's your response?

You witness the formation of the Avengers team. What's your initial reaction?

You discover the true power and potential of the Tesseract. What do you do with this information?

When you found the Loki's invasion for personal gain. How do you react?

You discover Loki's plan to conquer Earth and unleash chaos. What's your response?

Do you lead if the earth is in danger?

Do you use the powers of Tesseract for personal gain:

You're allowed to rewrite the Avengers' destiny and alter their path. What do you do?

When you find that Loki is cunning, what's your reaction?

You encounter a group of villains with conflicting agendas that want to beat Avengers:

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