Which Beethoven Character Are You? - Beethoven Quiz

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Which Beethoven Character Are You? - Beethoven Quiz

Beethoven (1992) is an American family comedy film. It was directed by Brian Levant.Show More

Beethoven was written by John Hughes and Amy Holden Jones. The story of the movie revolves around a St. Bernard dog named after a German composer and owned by the Newton family. This is the first film in the Beethoven series. 
What Beethoven Character Are You?
Are you ready to conduct your own destiny? Take this quiz and listen to your inner Beethoven roar!

Your family has decided to hold a big event at your home. What is your role in the preparations?

What would you do if your pet Beethoven accidentally destroyed something very important in your house?

What would you do if you found a mischievous St. Bernard like Beethoven in your backyard?

Your family is going on vacation, and you have to choose a destination. What's your ideal choice?

What's your approach to handling chaos and mischief, like that caused by Beethoven in the movie?

What is your favorite way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Your neighbor complains about your pet causing a disturbance. How do you address the situation?

If you were faced with a difficult decision like the Newtons in the movie, how would you handle it?

What quality do you most appreciate in a pet, like the affectionate St. Bernard Beethoven?

If you were a character in the Beethoven movie, what role would you play in the Newton family's adventure?

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