Which Big Mouth Character Are You? - Big Mouth Quiz

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Which Big Mouth Character Are You? - Big Mouth Quiz

Big Mouth is an animated American adult movie.Show More

 The movie is a coming-of-age sitcom. The film is about middle school teenagers and their problems. The group also deliberates their puberty with fights, adulting, and bodily changes.
Which Big Mouth Character Are You Quiz?
Play the quiz to discover which character of Big Mouth" matches the personality! Find the hilarious world of adolescence to search for your personality and behaviour.

Your teacher asks for your opinion on a sensitive topic. How do you respond?

How do you handle the first pimple on your face?

How do you handle awkward family conversations about puberty?

What's your reaction when someone mentions the word "hormones"?

How do you react to a surprise health class on puberty at school?

What's your preferred coping mechanism for awkward body changes?

What's your reaction to the topic of puberty being discussed in class?

Do you secretly wish you had a magical creature to guide you through puberty?

What's your go-to snack during a stressful puberty moment?

Your parents catch you watching an educational puberty video. How do you explain yourself?

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