Which Blue Exorcist Character Are You? - Blue Exorcist Quiz

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Which Blue Exorcist Character Are You? - Blue Exorcist Quiz

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Ignite your inner demon (or exorcist!) with this Blue Exorcist quiz! Unleash the fiery passion of Rin, the calm precision of Yukio, or the mischievous cunning of Mephisto.
What Character From Blue Exorcist Are You?
Do you crave power, knowledge, or simply peace amidst the flames of Gehenna? Answer ten fiery questions and discover your true Blue Exorcist archetype! Will you wield holy blades, master ancient spells, or forge unlikely pacts? Dive into the world of True Cross Academy and find out who you'll become when faced with the ultimate test: demon or exorcist?

Facing a formidable demonic threat, what's your preferred method of confrontation?

Discovering a family member is already a skilled Exorcist, how do you feel?

Confronted with the responsibility to protect the human realm, how do you approach this daunting task?

What motivates you to become an Exorcist in the face of daunting challenges?

When faced with demonic powers and a cursed sword, how would you handle the situation?

Your journey involves close friendships with fellow students. How do you contribute to the group dynamic?

In a life-altering revelation, you discover you're the child of a supernatural entity. How do you react?

Witnessing a guardian sacrificing their life for you, what's your immediate response?

Enrolling in an exorcist cram school, how do you approach the rigorous training?

How do you handle conflicts and rivalries within the exorcist academy?

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