Which Cinderella Character Are You? - Cinderella Quiz

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Which Cinderella Character Are You? - Cinderella Quiz

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"Cinderella" tells the classic fairy tale of a kind-hearted young woman who overcomes adversity with courage and grace. Mistreated by her wicked stepmother Lady Tremaine and stepsisters, Cinderella's life changes when her Fairy Godmother grants her the chance to attend a royal ball. 
What Character From Cinderella Are You?
There, she captivates Prince Kit, who falls in love with her despite her humble origins. With magical transformations, enchanting romance, and timeless themes of kindness and perseverance, "Cinderella" remains a beloved story of hope and the power of believing in oneself.

Your chores are done, and you have a moment to yourself. How do you celebrate?

Your carriage breaks down on the way to the ball. Do you...

How do you react to feel magic adventure?

You finally make contact with your fairy godmother! What's your first message?

The ball is approaching, and you need a daring plan to attend. Do you say...

Years later, you're asked to attend another grand event. Do you...

The ball is a success! Back at the palace, what's your top priority?

You need to contact your fairy godmother at the palace. How do you pass the time?

You are alone in the grand palace. First thing you do?

You find a hidden passage in the palace. Do you...

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