Which CJ7 Character Are You? - CJ7 Quiz

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Which CJ7 Character Are You? - CJ7 Quiz

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Are you as kind and brave as Dicky, always fighting for what's right? Or maybe you're the coolest dad ever, like Ti, working hard to make your kid's dreams come true? Do you have the super smarts of Miss Yuen, solving problems left and right? Or are you a loyal friend like Chow, sticking by your pals through thick and thin?
Answer some outta-this-world questions and discover which amazing character from CJ7 you most resemble! Will you be the ultimate hero? Take the quiz and find out!

What is your Approach to Disciplining a Misbehaving Child?

What is your Response to a Child's Request for an Expensive Toy?

How do you handle a Child's Dream Involving Fantasy?

What is your Reaction to a Miracle in the Face of Tragedy?

What is your Reaction to a Child's Academic Misconduct?

What is your Approach to Resolving a Workplace Conflict?

How Do You Handle Academic Pressure on a Child?

What is your Reaction to a Strange Discovery in a Junkyard?

How do you handle a Personal Tragedy and Loss?

What is your approach for handling a Child's Embarrassing Situation in Public?

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