Which Code 8: Part 2 Character Are You? - Quiz

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Unleash your inner hero with the "What Code 8: Part 2 Character Are You?" quiz!Show More

Do you possess the unyielding strength of Connor Reed, the strategic brilliance of Agent Reyes, or the unwavering hope of Marcus Argo? Answer a series of questions that delve into your morals, abilities, and motivations. 
Discover if your heart lies with the protectors of justice, the enigmatic forces on the fringes, or the civilians caught in the crossfire. Will you stand on the front lines like Connor, navigate the murky underworld like Reyes, or fight for a better future like Marcus? Take the quiz and find your place in the electrifying world of Code 8: Part 2!
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Embark on an exhilarating journey with our Code 8: Part 2 quiz! Play now and discover your place within the Code 8: Part 2 storyline!

How do you respond when faced with corruption within the system?

How do you handle personal sacrifices for the greater good?

What drives your commitment to fighting against injustice?

When faced with moral ambiguity, how do you navigate your decisions?

How do you respond to betrayal from those you once trusted?

How do you deal with setbacks in your pursuit of justice?

What's your approach when confronting powerful adversaries?

How do you maintain hope in the face of overwhelming odds?

How do you handle situations where justice seems out of reach?

What's your approach to handling conflicts within a team?

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