Which Dark Gathering Character Are You? - Dark Gathering Quiz

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Which Dark Gathering Character Are You? - Dark Gathering Quiz

Take this popular quiz Dark Gathering to see which iconic character from the Tv Series Dark Gathering are you?

Dark Gathering is a Japanese manga series. The series is illustrated and created by Kenichi Kondo. It is a story of a young man with a cursed right hand. He has a natural predisposition to attract ghosts to himself. The young boy experiences a spiritual event that results in both him and his playmate.
Which Dark Gathering Character Are You?
Are you fan the of Dark Gathering and want to relate with the series character? Then, you must play Dark Gathering Quiz. The quizzes are written for fun purposes to bring joy and smile on the face of the series fans. 

Your supernatural nemesis possesses the power of:

How would you reveal your superpower identity to the world?

Your signature superpower move is:

Your ideal supernatural sidekick would be:

If you were a supernatural kid, your power of choice would be:

With great superpowers comes:

How would you prefer to discover your superpowers?

Upon encountering a friendly ghost, you:

If you could communicate with ghosts, your preferred method would be:

Your ideal ghostly haunting location is:

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