Which Death's Game Character Are You? - Death's Game Quiz

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Which Death's Game Character Are You? - Death's Game Quiz

What Death's Game Character Are You?

Death's Game, an popular South Korean web series, is directed by Ha Byung-hoon.Show More

This is a story that was serialized on Naver in 2019 and based on the same name webtoon by Lee Won-sik and Ggulchan, about one seeking a new life among abyss of despair.
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Let's jump into the world of "Death Game" and find out which character you're most like.  Are you cunning like Choi Yi-jae, the cunning planner? Or may be enigmatic like Death who is just pulling the strings. Perhaps you are a survivor like Park Jin-tae, or maybe a super genius mastermind as Song Jae-seop? Solve some fun questions and let’s find out your inner character! It feels like cracking open an enigma about yourself in a playful way.

What role do you play in a team?

How do you deal with betrayal?

How do you approach challenges in Death's Game?

Your preferred weapon in the fantasy realm:

When facing a powerful adversary, your strategy is to:

When faced with a moral dilemma, you:

In Death's Game, what's your main goal?

What motivates you the most in the game?

Your leadership style can be described as:

Your reaction to unexpected plot twists:

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