Which Dexter's Lab Character Are You? - Dexter's Lab Quiz

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Which Dexter's Lab Character Are You? - Dexter's Lab Quiz

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In Dexter's Lab, follow the adventures of a young genius, Dexter, as he tinkers away in his secret laboratory while contending with his energetic and mischievous sister, Dee Dee. With their parents oblivious to Dexter's experiments, chaos ensues in this animated world filled with science, sibling rivalry, and laughter.
What Character From Dexter's Lab Are You?
Discover which character from Dexter's Lab matches your personality in this quick quiz! Explore the traits of Dexter, Dee Dee, Mom, and Dad to find out which one resonates with you the most.

How do you react when things don't go as planned?

You accidentally ruin a family dinner. Your immediate emotion is:

You receive a bad grade on a test. Your immediate emotion is:

Your sibling breaks your favorite invention. Your initial feeling is:

How do you feel about change?

Your crush rejects your invitation to the school dance. Your initial feeling is:

How do you feel when you successfully complete a difficult experiment?

Your friend cancels plans with you last minute. Your reaction is:

How do you handle embarrassment in front of others?

What's your response when someone doubts your abilities?

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