Which El Deafo Character Are You? - El Deafo Quiz

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"El Deafo" by Cece Bell is a heartwarming graphic novel chronicling the author's childhood experience with hearing loss.Show More

Through charming illustrations and humor, Bell shares her journey of self-acceptance and friendship, ultimately empowering readers to embrace their differences. It's a poignant celebration of resilience and the power of communication.
What Character From El Deafo Are You?
Discover which character from "El Deafo Quiz" you resonate with most by exploring their unique traits and experiences. Whether you relate to Cece's determination, her supportive friend Emma, or any other character, there's a connection waiting to be found.

What's your approach people as super hero?
What role do you known as in a fight?
What drives your sense of super hero powers?
How do you handle inner or mood conflicts?
What do you value your inner soul?
When faced inner battel, what is your go-to approach?
How do you express yourself as super hero?
What motivates you to overcome from problems?
What's your approach to facing fears?
How do you handle setbacks in school?
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