Which Familia Character Are You? - Familia Quiz

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Which Familia Character Are You? - Familia Quiz

Take this most Popular Familia Quiz to see which iconic character from movie Familia Are You?

Família (2023) is a popular movie concerning the family, moving beyond blood relationships.Show More

A young Brazilian man with a criminal record enters the lives of a seemingly flawless family. They learn that bonds created through shared experiences and real relationships can be as strong or even stronger than those formed by blood ties by opening their home and hearts to him. Família tells us in laughter, tears and meals that the families we have been adopted into are just as important if not more important than the ones we were born into. This film is significant for anyone who has ever wondered what family means.
What Família Character Are You?
Are you interested to know which character of the heartwarming movie, “Família,” you identify yourself with? Perhaps, you are the resilient and compassionate matriarch, the charming and mischievous young man or even the silent observer with a golden heart. Take our quiz to find out your Famíliapersona.

What should you do if someone in your family has achieved something great?

What kind of surprise party does your family have in mind? What would you like most?

How do you celebrate birthdays in the family?

What is your best family tradition?

Your sibling is going through a tough time. What can you do to help them?

How do you contribute to family decisions?

What is your concept of an ideal family vacation?

How do you resolve conflicts within family?

Do you have a big family gathering coming up? What's your role?

What would you do when your family is not unanimous about something?

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