Which Flexxcop Character Are You? - Flexxcop Quiz

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Which Flexxcop Character Are You? - Flexxcop Quiz

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Put on your best outfit, upcoming Flexxcop! Awaken the detective in you with a quiz entitled “Which Flexxcop Character Are You?”  Have you ever imagined being stylish and intelligent enough to catch criminals? Or could it be that your computer skills are so advanced that they can hack into cyber criminal’s accounts? Hold onto your seats because this quiz will match up with you with your perfect partner in neon justice who comes from the world of Flexxcop!
We would like you to answer questions regarding your style, technological know-how as well as how good you are at playing the role of a detective. BAM! What is more, depending on your unique skills and personality, we will disclose who you resemble most among Flexxcops cast.
So are you ready to become part of the digital crowd that restores justice and order within its boundaries known as Flexcop? Simply Play our Quiz and start solving crimes!

In a crisis, what's your first instinct?

What is your reaction to an unexpected disruption in your routine?

How do you handle moments of vulnerability in a relationship?

What is your attitude toward a new partnership at work?

What's your strategy for resolving conflicts at work?

What is your reaction to a pivotal moment in a relationship?

What is your response to a challenging case at the violent crime department?

How do you contribute to a positive work environment?

How do you navigate personal relationships at work?

How do you approach a romantic relationship?

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