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What Character Are You From Ashes?

From The Ashes is a film that catches the attention of ordinary people.Show More

From The Ashes, directed by Michael Bonfiglio and produced by former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg and his philanthropy division, spends its 1 hour and 22 minute run-time in drill mode, quickly, yet with great detail, describing the statistics, the real-world accounts, and the finances involved behind the mammoth of coal. For those who do not know much about coal’s far-reaching effects, this is a good movie to watch as it tries to address both sides of the argument while fully acknowledging the dire consequences if no action is taken.
What From The Ashes Character Are You?
Explore fascinating situations, reveal your individual qualities, and find the character that most closely matches your spirit among the ashes of life. Start playing our quiz now to kickstart your metamorphosis!

Your favorite way of dealing with stress is:

A friend gives you a personalized, handcrafted item. How do you show your appreciation?

You see an act of kindness in a crowded place. What is your immediate reaction?

What is your immediate reaction when you hear that your favorite local bookstore is closing down?

A friend confides in you about a personal struggle. How do you respond?

A co-worker takes credit for your team’s success. How do you handle it?

Your ideal weekend involves:

Your dream travel plans get canceled last minute. Your immediate response is to:

You find a forgotten family heirloom in your attic. What do you do with it?

You discover an old, abandoned building in your neighborhood. Your reaction is to:

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