Which Gantz Character Are You? - Gantz Quiz

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Which Gantz Character Are You? - Gantz Quiz

"Gantz" depicts a group resurrected to combat alien criminals by a mysterious black ball.Show More

As they navigate perilous missions, they grapple with moral dilemmas and personal struggles. Join them in this thrilling tale of survival, sacrifice, and the search for meaning in the face of otherworldly threats and existential questions.Play Gantz Quiz!
What Character From Gantz Are You?
Discover if you embody Kei Kurono's resilience, Masaru Kato's leadership, Tae Kojima's compassion, or Shion Izumi's intellect as you confront alien threats and moral complexities.

How do you react to sudden danger?

How do you view the responsibility of leadership?

How do you handle relationships and connections with others?

What is your stance on the morality of Gantz's missions?

What is your approach to dealing with the unknown?

What motivates you to fight against alien criminals?

What role do emotions play in your decision-making process?

How do you approach the challenges presented by Gantz missions?

What is your ultimate goal in the Gantz missions?

How do you handle conflicts within the group?

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