Which Genius Character Are You? - Genius: MLK/X Quiz

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Which Genius Character Are You? - Genius: MLK/X Quiz

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Martin Luther King Jr., a beacon of civil rights, challenged oppression with unwavering resolve. His eloquent oratory stirred hearts, catalyzing monumental change in the fabric of society. Dr. King's vision transcended racial barriers, advocating for equality and justice for all.
What Character From Genius: MLK/X Are You?
Discover your parallel in this quiz and see if you resonate more with Malcolm X, MLK, Betty Shabazz, or Coretta King!

What is your stance on nonviolent resistance?

How do you handle criticism and opposition?

What role do faith and spirituality play in your life?

How do you handle personal and family challenges?

How do you approach education and knowledge?

How do you respond to injustice?

What is your perspective on unity within a community?

What legacy do you hope to leave behind?

How do you address systemic racism?

What is your leadership style?

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