Which Gushing Over Magical Girls Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which Gushing Over Magical Girls Character Are You? - Quiz

Welcome To Gushing Over Magical Girls Quiz!Show More

Ever dreamt of wielding a sparkly wand, befriending mythical creatures, and battling shadowy forces? This whimsical quiz unlocks your inner magical girl persona, straight from the pages of Gushing Over Magical Girls!
Answer enchanting questions that reveal your strengths, quirks, and deepest desires. Are you a radiant leader like Anya from Daybreak Illusion , inspiring hope with every glittering transformation? Or perhaps you're a tech-savvy strategist like Rina from Magical Robotics Club, using your smarts to outwit any villain. Maybe you're a bubbly comedian like Lulu from Moonlight Circus, bringing laughter and joy to even the darkest situations. 
So, why wait? Take our “What Character From Gushing Over Magical Girls Are You?” Quiz now.

What motivates you to use your magical abilities?

In a crisis, how would you contribute to the magical girl squad?

Which magical element resonates with you the most?

If given a magical artifact, what would it be?

What word best describes your personality?

What magical ability would you prefer to possess?

How do you approach challenges and conflicts?

What quality do you value most in a magical girl character?

What role do you play in the magical girl ensemble?

How do you deal with adversity within the magical girl squad?

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