Which Hikaru no Go Character Are You? - Hikaru no Go Quiz

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"Hikaru no Go" follows Shi Guang as he discovers a Go board inhabited by the spirit of ancient Go master, Chu Ying.Show More

Together, they journey into the world of Go, encountering challenges and friendships. Through passion and dedication, Shi Guang learns valuable lessons about life and strategy, making his mark in the competitive world of the ancient board game.
What Character From Hikaru no Go Are You?
Embark on the quest to unveil your Hikaru no Go Quizalter ego! Are you like Shi Guang, driven by passion and dedication? Or perhaps you resonate with Fujiwara no Sai, seeking ancient wisdom and uncovering mysteries?

What drives your determination to master the game of Go?

What drives you to pursue the game of Go?

How do you approach the psychological aspects of Go matches?

How do you handle setbacks in your Go matches?

How do you define success in your Go journey?

What role does tradition play in your Go journey?

How do you balance your passion for Go with other aspects of life?

How do you approach challenges in the game of Go?

What motivates you to improve your Go skills?

What role does mentorship play in your Go journey?

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