Which It Follows Character Are You? - It Follows Quiz

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Which It Follows Character Are You? - It Follows Quiz

"It Follows" 2014 is a psychological horror film directed by David Robert Mitchell.Show More

The story revolves around Jay, a young woman who finds herself haunted by a mysterious curse after a sexual encounter. The curse manifests as a shape-shifting entity that pursues its victims relentlessly, passing from one person to another through sexual contact.
What Character From It Follows Are You?
Discover which character from "It Follows Quiz" resonates with you the most and explore their journey through fear, paranoia, and survival in the face of an unseen threat.

What's your philosophy on the nature of fate and destiny?

How do you handle feelings of isolation and alienation?

What motivates you to keep fighting in the face of overwhelming odds?

What's your approach to dealing with a mysterious and unstoppable threat?

How do you approach the concept of intimacy and connection with others?

How do you view the concept of trust and betrayal?

How do you cope the knowledge thatactions may have unintended results?

How do you handle uncertainty and ambiguity in your life?

How do you typically handle fear or anxiety?

What's your opinion on the nature of evil and the existence of supernatural forces?

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