Which Lucy Character Are You? - Lucy Quiz

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Which Lucy Character Are You? - Lucy Quiz

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"Lucy" is a science fiction action film exploring human intelligence's potential. When Lucy unwittingly becomes a drug mule, a powerful substance enhances her brain capacity, unlocking extraordinary abilities. As she transcends human limitations, Lucy races against time to unlock the secrets of her newfound powers and confront those who seek to control her. 
What Character From Lucy Are You?
With stunning visuals and thought-provoking themes, the film delves into questions of consciousness, evolution, and the nature of existence, offering a mind-bending journey that challenges perceptions and ignites the imagination.

Can you unlock the brain's full potential and save the day?

Can she control her powers before it's too late?

Does you race against time with the mind on overdrive?

Will you become the ultimate genius or just a scattered mess?

Will you outsmart your enemies with the newfound abilities?

Will you crack the code to own evolution?

Can you multitask the way through chaos and confusion?

Can you rewrite the rules of reality with the intellect?

Will you prove that intelligence truly is power?

Does you use her powers for good, or just for laughs?

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