Which Malignant Character Are You? - Malignant Quiz

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Which Malignant Character Are You? - Malignant Quiz

Malignant (2021) is an American horror film. The story is about Madison, a pregnant woman who sees disturbing images of murders that she later realizes are real.Show More

She goes on to find out more about Gabriel, a deadly creature, and her own dark past. This movie pays tribute to classic horror by merging Wan’s personal macabre with giallo thrillers and body horror. Be prepared for bloody scenes, creepy visuals, and a shocking revelation that will make you question everything you thought you knew.
What Malignant Character Are You?
Are you a Madison Mitchell, Young Madison, Sydney Lake, & Kekoa Shaw? Play our quiz and find out which Malignant Character reflects your personality.

Your current life is threatened by your dark past. What do you do?

How would you try to regain control when a mysterious entity starts controlling your actions?

You discover that there is a hidden power within you that can be used for both good and evil. What will you choose?

When you experience personal betrayal, your reaction is to:

A mysterious force grants you supernatural abilities. Your first instinct is to:

You are compelled by a supernatural force to commit heinous acts. How do you respond?

A haunting vision reveals dark secrets from your past. Your response is to:

A loved one becomes a target of supernatural forces. What do you do?

Faced with a moral dilemma, you must choose between personal gain and the well-being of others. Your choice is to:

Your closest ally turns out to be your greatest enemy. How do you handle this revelation?

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