Which Midori Days Character Are You? - Midori Days Quiz

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Which Midori Days Character Are You? - Midori Days Quiz

In "Midori Days," Seiji Sawamura, the toughest student in his high school, finds his life turned upside down when his right-hand transforms into a miniature girl named Midori Kasugano.Show More

 While struggling with his newfound situation, Seiji's protective instincts lead him to navigate a unique romance with Midori, all while facing the challenges of high school life.
What Character from Midori Days Are You?
Discover which character from "Midori Days Quiz" matches your personality with this quiz! Dive into the world of Seiji Sawamura, Midori Kasugano, Takako Ayase, and Rin Sawamura to find out who you're most like in this quirky and heartwarming high school romance.

How do you prefer to spend your free time in school?

What's your main motivation in life?

How do you express your feelings towards someone you admire?

What's your response to the bullies in school?

What's your outlook on friendship?

What's your attitude towards academics?

How do you deal with challenges in classroom?

How do you handle bullies?

What's your approach to conflicts with school fellow student?

What's your approach to romance?

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