Which Missing Crown Prince Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which Missing Crown Prince Character Are You? - Quiz

"Missing Crown Prince" is a delightful romantic comedy series set in Joseon, first aired in 2024.Show More

It falls under the genre of historical romantic comedy, blending humor, romance, and royal intrigue. The story revolves around a crown prince who finds himself being guided and bossed around by a woman destined to become the princess, leading to comedic and heartwarming situations.
What Character From Missing Crown Prince Are You?
Discover your match from "Missing Crown Prince Quiz"! Are you the adventurous prince, the logical royal advisor, the creative individual, or the compassionate royal figure? Take the quiz to uncover your character from this delightful series!

How do you deal with royal responsibilities?

How do you enjoy leisure time?

How do you respond to challenges in your relationship?

How do you bring joy to those around you?

What's your reaction to love at first sight?

What's your attitude towards traditions and customs?

What's your preferred method of expressing affection?

What's your approach to resolving misunderstandings?

How do you handle unexpected situations?

How do you handle conflicts in your royal court?

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