Which Night At The Museum Character Are You? - Quiz

By Natalia Harrison
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Which Night At The Museum Character Are You? - Quiz

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Prepare yourself for an enchanting tour at the museum with our “Which Night at the Museum Character Are You?” quiz! We don’t want you to get complicated history lessons; we just want to play. Find out if you have the spirit of a wanderer like Larry, Teddy Roosevelt’s liveliness, Dexter’s naughtiness or Jedediah’s wisdom. It feels like walking into a museum when no one is around, but not at night. Bring your curiosity. Please don’t bring your flashlight! 
Well, are you ready to take on your museum character? Take the quiz and see who you really are then join in the fun-filled quizzes which will make you feel like you are spending a nice evening in the museum! Let it all commence!

You're offered a job guarding a mysterious place at night. You:

You discover someone close to you has betrayed your trust. You:

You're faced with a group argument amongst friends. You:

You face a challenging situation with historical figures. You:

You're offered a chance to live a life of luxury and ease. You:

You're caught between following the rules and doing what's right. You:

You discover something magical happening around you. You:

You learn that history is not always as it seems. You:

You're entrusted with a powerful artifact. You:

You encounter someone trapped in a difficult situation. You:

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