Which Ouran High School Host Club Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which Ouran High School Host Club Character Are You? - Quiz

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In Ouran High School Host Club, a scholarship student, Haruhi Fujioka, stumbles upon the extravagant world of the host club. Led by Tamaki Suou, the club provides entertainment for its wealthy clientele. Amidst comedic antics and romantic escapades, friendships deepen and unexpected bonds form, unraveling the complexities of class divide and the true meaning of acceptance and friendship.
What Character From Ouran High School Host Club Are You?
Step into the opulent world of Ouran High School Host Club to uncover which character resonates with your essence. Whether you embody the charm of Tamaki, the mischief of Hikaru, the intellect of Kyouya, or the authenticity of Haruhi awaits discovery.

How do you handle conflicts within the host club?

How do you navigate social situations and etiquette?

How do you approach romantic gestures?

How do you approach personal growth and self-discovery?

How do you deal with unexpected situations or surprises?

What is your ultimate goal within the host club?

What is your approach to friendship and loyalty?

What is your role within the host club?

What is your approach to understanding others' emotions?

What do you value most in relationships?

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