Which Record of Ragnarok Character Are You? - Record of Ragnarok Quiz

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Which Record of Ragnarok Character Are You? - Record of Ragnarok Quiz

In "Record of Ragnarok," gods assemble every 1000 years to decide humanity's destiny.Show More

After 7 million years, they decree humanity irredeemable, sparking an epic battle for survival. This epic saga explores themes of redemption, justice, and the clash between gods and mortals.
What Character From Record of Ragnarok Are You?
Embark on a journey of self-discovery and find out which character from "Record of Ragnarok Quiz" best embodies your traits and beliefs! Are you like Brunhilde, Göll, Zeus, or Heimdall? Unveil your match now!

What is your opinion on humanity's fate?

How do you view the concept of fate and destiny?

What motivates your decisions as a deity?

How do you view the potential of humanity?

What role do you believe gods should play in mortal affairs?

How do you handle disagreements within the divine council?

What do you believe is the purpose of divine intervention in mortal affairs?

What qualities do you value most in mortals?

How do you approach difficult decisions?

How do you approach the concept of divine judgment?

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