Which Saint Seiya Character Are You? - Saint Seiya Quiz

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Which Saint Seiya Character Are You? - Saint Seiya Quiz

Are you curios to know which Saint Seiya Saint you are most like?Show More

Take our quiz and find out! From the brave and determined Seiya to the kind and compassionate Shiryu, each Saint has their own unique personality and strengths. 
Are you a courageous leader like Seiya? Or maybe you're more like the wise and strategic Shun? Answer the questions and see which Saint you match up with! Who knows, you might just discover your inner hero!
The Ultimate Saint Seiya Quiz
Are you ready to prove your mettle and discover your true Saint Seiya spirit? Challenge yourself and see if you can answer every question correctly! Take the quiz now and unleash your inner Saint!

In times of adversity, what keeps you motivated to continue the fight?

When Earth faces the threat of destruction, what role do you believe the Saints play in its protection?

When confronted with evil forces, what is your preferred method of engagement?

In protecting others, what quality do you believe is most crucial?

How do you view the concept of sacrifice for a greater cause?

In a team setting, what role do you naturally gravitate towards?

How do you approach the reincarnation of the goddess Athena for guidance?

How do you handle conflicts within your team of warriors?

When faced with a daunting challenge, what is your instinctive response?

When guiding others, what leadership style do you find most effective?

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