Which Seagrass Character Are You? - Seagrass Quiz

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Which Seagrass Character Are You? - Seagrass Quiz

Seagrass follows a Japanese-Canadian woman as she confronts her mother's death while taking her family on a retreat.Show More

 Amidst struggles with her husband affecting their children, the family undergoes profound changes. This emotional journey delves into themes of grief, family dynamics, and personal growth, leaving a lasting impact on each character's life.
What Character From Seagrass Are You?
Discover which character from Seagrass Quiz resonates with you the most in this quiz! Delve into the depths of grief, family bonds, and personal growth as you explore the intricacies of each character's journey in this poignant and transformative film.

How do you prioritize family in your life?

How do you handle conflicts within your relationships?

What role do you play in group settings?

What role does introspection play in your life?

How do you express love to those closest to you?

How do you view the concept of forgiveness?

What is your approach to dealing with grief?

How do you cope with change?

How do you navigate complex family dynamics?

What drives you to confront difficult emotions?

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