Which Sengoku Youko Character Are You? - Sengoku Youko Quiz

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Which Sengoku Youko Character Are You? - Sengoku Youko Quiz

Welcome To Sengoku Youko Quiz!Show More

Unleash Your Youkai Prowess with the "What Character From Sengoku Youko Are You?" Quiz! Do you yearn for a world where mythical creatures walk the earth and ancient demons lurk in the shadows? Does your inner hero crave justice, even if it means defying tradition? Then step into the captivating realm of Sengoku Youko and discover your spiritual doppelganger with our thrilling quiz!
Answer intriguing questions that test your courage, compassion, and maybe even your tolerance for mischievous fox spirits. Are you a fierce protector like Tama, vowing to shield humans from harm even as your youkai heritage sets you apart? Or perhaps you're a stoic warrior like Jinka, haunted by your past and wielding immense power with a heavy heart. Maybe you're a witty strategist like Shakugan, navigating the complexities of human and youkai society with cunning and a thirst for knowledge.
With its action-packed battles, poignant friendships, and exploration of prejudice and acceptance, Sengoku Youko offers a captivating blend of fantasy and historical intrigue. Now, it's your turn to join the fight for a better tomorrow! Take the quiz & unlock your inner Sengoku Youko persona!

How do you deal with conflicts of interest within your own kind or group?

How would you describe your combat style?

How do you approach building relationships with those who are different from you?

How important is loyalty to you in your relationships?

What role do emotions play in your decision-making process?

How do you feel about your own kind or species?

How do you envision your impact on the world?

In a conflict, what role do you naturally assume?

What element (earth, fire, wind, water) resonates with your character the most?

What motivates you to protect humans from evil?

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