Which Seven Deadly Sins Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which Seven Deadly Sins Character Are You? - Quiz

Which Seven Deadly Sins Character Are You?

Welcome To Seven Deadly Sins Quiz!Show More

Forget boring personality quizzes! Dive into the electrifying world of the Seven Deadly Sins and discover your true nature with our fiery Sinful Quiz!
Are you driven by Meliodas' playful wrath, Diane's gentle gluttony, Ban's cunning greed, King's stoic sloth, Gowther's enigmatic envy, Merlin's boundless pride, or Escanor's radiant lust for honor?
Each question peels back a layer, revealing whether your heart burns with unyielding desire, thirsts for endless knowledge, or guards a treasure trove of secrets. Will you rule with benevolent power, unleash chaotic fury, or navigate the world with enigmatic charm?
Ready to unlock your true sin (or virtue)? Take the quiz now and claim your Holy Knights' or Demon Clan mantle!

How do you handle desires of the flesh?

How do you view the concept of hard work and diligence?

In conflict, what's your typical response?

What's your overall approach to virtue and morality?

When it comes to food and indulgence, what's your approach?

In your daily routine, how do you handle moments of laziness?

When faced with success, how do you usually react?

How do you react when faced with adversity?

What's your attitude towards others' achievements?

How do you approach material wealth?

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