Which Solo Leveling Character Are You? - Leveling Quiz

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Which Solo Leveling Character Are You? - Leveling Quiz

Solo Leveling is a thrilling South Korean web novel. Chugong writes the web novel.Show More

The story is about the Sung Jin-Woo, the weakest rank E hunter. Sung Jin-Woo suddenly finds himself becoming powerful after a mysterious task.
Which Solo Leveling Character Are You Quiz?
Play the quiz to determine which character of the Solo Leveling series matches the personality! With the series' help, you will learn about dungeons, monsters, and hunters, too. Find out your character:

In the face of a formidable boss monster, you would:

Your preferred role in a guild is:

What motivates you to become stronger?

Your preferred fighting style is:

How do you approach mysterious and unknown dungeons?

Your approach to dealing with otherworldly threats is:

In a dangerous dungeon, your approach is to:

Your favorite dungeon exploration companion would be someone who:

You encounter a powerful monster. What is your first reaction?

How do you deal with a powerful rival hunter?

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