Which Song Of The South Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which Song Of The South Character Are You? - Quiz

Walt Disney’s Song of the South is one of the most Christian and entertaining movies ever made.Show More

It is difficult to find today because it featured a former slave named Uncle Remus. The movie begins with young Johnny and his parents arriving at a reconstruction era plantation. His dad, a controversial newspaper reporter, heads back to Atlanta leaving Johnny and his mother to visit with her mother. Johnny tries to run away to be with his father, but he runs into Uncle Remus, an elderly former slave popular for telling stories. Uncle Remus is the hero of the movie, regularly providing Johnny wise advice, but the circumstances cause Johnny’s mother to think Uncle Remus is the cause of several problems, rather than the solution.
What Song Of The South Character Are You?
Find out if you're the resilient and optimistic An, the wise and kind Tu Mam, the kind and nurturing An's mother, or the perceptive and motivating Teacher Bay by taking this quiz!

You’re planning a group outing. What’s your approach to coordinating the event?

You find a stray animal in need of help. What’s your immediate reaction?

You come across a disagreement between friends. What role do you play in resolving the conflict?

Your team is facing a setback. How do you boost morale and motivate them to overcome challenges?

You're faced with a decision that could impact others. How do you decide?

Your friend is organizing a charity event. How do you contribute?

It's time for a celebration! How do you contribute to the festivities?

You are in a tight spot. What do you do?

Your friend is feeling down. What do you do to cheer them up?

A new neighbor moves in next door. How do you welcome them?

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