Which Superman Returns Character Are You? - Superman Returns Quiz

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Welcome Superman Returns Quiz!Show More

Soar through the skies and revisit the return of the Man of Steel with the "Superman Returns" quiz. Explore the themes of heroism, identity, and the challenges faced by the iconic superhero. Discover which aspect of this cinematic journey resonates with your spirit.
Unleash the powers of Krypton with this quiz inspired by "Superman Returns." Are you more like Superman, Lois Lane, Perry White, or perhaps something else? Let the quiz take you on a flight of discovery.

You're given the chance to meet with Superman. What do you do?

Does Superman's sacrifice matter to you?

When you get to know Superman's connection to aliens. What do you do?

You witness Superman's struggle with his dual identity and responsibilities:

When you know about Superman's weaknesses. How do you react?

You're faced with a moral dilemma involving the greater good:

How do you react when you meet a person as powerful as Superman's:

You discover Superman's secret identity as Clark Kent:

When you know about the Superman's battle, what's your response?

You witness Superman's return to Earth after a long absence. What's your immediate reaction?

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