Which Swallowed Star Character Are You? - Swallowed Star Quiz

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Which Swallowed Star Character Are You? - Swallowed Star Quiz

Which Swallowed Star Character Are You?

Swallowed Star is an action anime TV series. Swallowed Star is about the hero Luo Feng. Luo Feng becomes a fighter and slowly improves by overcoming various problems to fight intelligent monsters. The series shows the struggle of Luo Feng's heroic powers as well. 
Which Swallowed Star Character Are You?
Are you a courageous warrior like Luo Feng, a strategic thinker like Jiang Nian, a secretive psychic like Xu Xin, or a steadfast friend like Yan Jingshe? Let's play the question game!

When faced with a powerful adversary, your first instinct is to:

In a group setting, you are known for being:

Your favorite type of weapon or ability is:

Your ideal mission involves:

Your preferred combat style is:

What motivates you to keep pushing your limits?

Your preferred training routine involves:

How do you approach the discovery of new and powerful abilities?

How do you handle challenges?

Your favorite type of ground for a battle is:

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