Which The Acolyte Character Are You? - Star Wars: The Acolyte Quiz

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Which The Acolyte Character Are You? - Star Wars: The Acolyte Quiz

Star Wars: The Acolyte, or simply The Acolyte, is an American science fiction TV series. Ask yourself a few questions to determine which acolyte character you are most like. Is it as brave and powerful as Master Sol? Or maybe he’s ambitious, like Indara? Also, can the person be drawn away into another way?

How will you solve conflict between two people?

What will you do if you discover someone planning and plotting?

For what purpose do you feel you have the powers of FORCE with you?

What is your attitude towards FORCE?

When you encounter temptation how will you deal with it?

What will be your fighting style in a lightsaber duel?

Which outfit will you choose for yourself?

In an emergency situation how will you act ?

If you discover a child who has powers of FORCE what will you do?

How do you see the dark side and how will you approach it?

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