Which The Adam Project Character Are You? - The Adam Project Quiz

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Which The Adam Project Character Are You? - The Adam Project Quiz

"The Adam Project" is a 2022 sci-fi adventure film directed by Shawn Levy.Show More

The story follows time-traveling fighter pilot Adam Reed as he teams up with his 12-year-old self on a mission to save the future. Filled with action, heartwarming moments, and themes of family and friendship, it's a captivating journey through time and space.
What Character From The Adam Project Are You?
Discover your counterpart in "The Adam Project Quiz" with this quiz! Dive into the exciting world of time travel, adventure, and family bonds. Find out which character's qualities align with yours in this captivating sci-fi tale.

How do you approach teamwork during time travel with childhood version?

Do you get excited when you time travel?

What's your communication style with your childhood version in past?

Do you feel brave when you did time travel?

How do you adapt to unexpected situations?

What drives your time travel curiosity?

Can time travel make you feel grateful?

Do you miss home when you time travel?

Why do you feel curious about time??

Can time travel make you feel scared?

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