Which The Bear Character Are You? - The Bear Quiz

By Natalia Harrison
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Which The Bear Character Are You? - The Bear Quiz

Are you prepared for a tough high-pressure kitchen? Are you messy and enthusiastic at equal measures? Then take this test and discover which character from FX hit show “The Bear” matches your personality!

If you are asked to set a menu for a restaurant what will be your first choice?

You had a good day, successful service and all things went well, how will you celebrate?

If new restaurants open near your location how will you see them?

If you get difficult customers in your restaurant How will you deal with them?

If any of your equipment breaks down while working, what will you do?

How do you see social media for restaurant businesses?

If you have to train new staff then how will you do it?

If you are asked to learn new Cooking methods and techniques, how will you do it?

What is your priority while buying raw material and other things for the restaurant?

How will you enjoy a holiday?

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