Which The Face Reader Character Are You? - The Face Reader Quiz

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Which The Face Reader Character Are You? - The Face Reader Quiz

"The Face Reader" is a historical drama set in the Joseon Dynasty, focusing on Nae-kyung, who can assess a person's personality by their face.Show More

Released in 2013, the film explores power struggles and political intrigue as Nae-kyung becomes embroiled in the rivalry between Prince Sooyang and Kim Jong-Seo, showcasing the importance of appearances and deception in court politics.
What Character From The Face Reader Are You?
Discover which character from "The Face Reader Quiz" resonates with you! Are you insightful and perceptive like Nae-kyung, ambitious and cunning like Prince Suyang, wise and strategic like Kim Jong-seo, or loyal and dedicated like Paeng-heon?

What's your role in a power struggle?

How do you approach leadership?

How do you handle power struggles?

How do you approach gaining allies?

What motivates you in challenging situations?

What's your guiding principle in dealing with power?

How do you handle betrayal?

What's your strategy for achieving your goals?

What's your strategy in dealing with conflicts?

How do you approach understanding people?

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