Which The Great Debaters Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which The Great Debaters Character Are You? - Quiz

"The Great Debaters," released in 2007, is a historical drama film directed by Denzel Washington. Show More

Set in the 1930s, it portrays the inspiring true story of Melvin B. Tolson, a professor at Wiley College Texas, who forms the school's first debate team. The team, led by Tolson, challenges racial and social barriers as they prepare to compete against Harvard in the national championship.
What Character From The Great Debaters Are You?
Discover your counterpart with The Great Debaters Quiz! Are you charismatic like Melvin B. Tolson, wise like James L. Farmer Sr., bold like Henry Lowe, or supportive like Samantha Booke? Take the quiz to find out!

How do you approach challenges in your life?

How do you approach mentorship and guidance?

How do you inspire and motivate others?

What's your stance on teamwork and collaboration?

How do you handle adversity or setbacks?

What's your perspective on achieving success?

What's your perspective on education and learning?

How do you approach public speaking or debate?

What's your view on social justice and equality?

What's your approach to leadership?

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