Which The Orbital Children Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which The Orbital Children Character Are You? - Quiz

Ever gazed at the stars and dreamt of soaring among them? Join the crew of "The Orbital Children" with this The Orbital Children quiz and discover which character reflects your inner spacefarer! Show More

Blast off and answer questions about your personality, values, and dreams. Are you the courageous vanguard like Touya, the strategic mastermind like Mina, or the compassionate healer like Nono? Buckle up, future astronaut, and take flight with The Orbital Children Quiz!
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Uncover hidden facets of your own personality through this interactive experience. Play The Orbital Children Quiz now and let the journey of self-discovery begin!

Confronted by runaway micromachines, what's your immediate response?

Faced with decompression issues, what strategy do you adopt?

With the severed Internet connection, what's your next move?

As the threat of a technological singularity looms, what's your approach?

How do you adapt to Earth's gravity during the emigration process?

How do you handle EVA with inadequate plastic suits?

With the station damaged and leaking air, what's your primary concern?

In the absence of most adult staff, how do you take charge?

As the oxygen supply dwindles, what action do you prioritize?

In the face of the malfunctioning computer systems, what's your immediate response?

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