Which The Peasants Character Are You? - The Peasants Quiz

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Which The Peasants Character Are You? - The Peasants Quiz

Take this most Popular The Peasants Quiz to see which iconic character from movie The Peasants Are You?

The Peasants is an adult animated historical drama. DK Welchman and Welchman direct the film.Show More

The movie is based on the novel and divided into four different parts. The story takes place in the 20th century in the village of Lipce. Jagna Paczesiówna, a young peasant with a talent for cutout creation and beauty, is enamoured with Antek Boryna, the son of Maciej Boryna, the wealthiest peasant in the village. Hanka, Antek's wife, finds it complex to accept her husband's advances toward another woman. Furthermore, widower Maciej, seeking a new wife, weds Jagna and gives her a dowry of six acres of land. 
Which The Peasants Character Are You?
The quiz is written to help you know ''Which The Peasants Character Are You?'' like a woman who fought for her pride, the wealthiest man in the village who wants to influence the community, or the son of the wealthiest man who can't take the stand for the love. The quizzes asked daily life questions to give you answers about ''Which The Peasants Character Are You?'' 

How do you celebrate achievements within your friend group?

If you had to describe your community in one word, what would it be?

How do you support your friends during challenging times?

How do you navigate conflicts within your family?

What quality do you value the most in a close friend?

What family tradition or value do you hope to pass on to future generations?

What role do family meals play in your household?

What's the most important value you learned from your family?

If you could organize a community event, what would it be?

What's your favorite family tradition during holidays?

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