Which The Witch Character Are You? - The Witch Quiz

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Which The Witch Character Are You? - The Witch Quiz

"The Witch" 2015 is a supernatural horror film directed by Robert Eggers.Show More

Set in 1630s New England, the story follows a devoutly religious family who becomes increasingly isolated and tormented by supernatural occurrences after moving to a remote farm on the edge of a dark forest.
What Character from The Witch Are You?
If you possess a strong sense of independence and resilience in the face of adversity, you may resonate with Thomasin's journey in "The Witch Quiz." Alternatively, if you exude a sense of authority and conviction, you might identify with William, her father.

How do you cope with isolation and adversity?

What role do you play in your family or community?

How do you perceive the natural world and its connection to the supernatural?

How do you handle fear and uncertainty?

How do you deal with suspicion and paranoia?

What's your opinion on the supernatural?

What's your approach to dealing with the unknown and the supernatural?

How do you view the concept of sin and redemption?

What's your reaction to the unknown and the supernatural?

What's your perspective on religious faith?

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